Just say 'no' to some popular ways of spending an evening. Visit Halal Kabob House instead for a delicious honest to goodness meal.

In this age of globalization, we pres­ent to you the most authentic South Asian menu. Tandoori dishes cooked fresh in traditional clay oven. Our World Famous 'Salans' Curries – a wondrous admixture of exotic spices. Vegetables, Naan, Breads, Basmati rice and delicious desserts.

At Halal Kabob House we believe in doing things the Halal Kabob House Way which means making No Compromises when it
comes to Quality. And with food, there is no better way around then to get it Fresh.

The extra effort that goes into the preparation of every meal that everyone can enjoy, is the strength of Halal Kabob House's Culinary Philosophy. "No substitu­tions to fit the local tastes, no Frills, or Nuevo Cuisines, but sensible, Genuine, Tasty, Harty, and Wholesome Food"

The Halal Kabob house secret

- For the good taste and freshness in serving, we appreciate your patience.
- All of our Tandoori dishes, Naan, Kabobs and chicken are cooked as per your order.
- We do not pre-cook thus insuring fresh, healthy and tasteful food.